Our mission

To be a respected and respectful Canadian leader in the field of water leisure products; to manufacture the highest quality products, to offer exceptional and flexible service thanks to a competent and dedicated workforce. To constantly be on the lookout for the latest technological innovations.

Our values

Uncompromised integrity
To treat all our partners with the utmost honesty and transparency: customers, suppliers, distributors and employees.

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
To offer service and manufacturing that goes above and beyond the expectations of our customers and partners. To be proactive and reliable through dedicated service, clear and open communications, quick reaction times and upheld promises.

Investing in our human resources
To foster a pleasant and motivating work environment based on dialogue, training, respect, equality and recognition of employee achievements.

Quality first
To build and deliver the highest quality pools and spas. To meet and surpass all recognized standards through the use of the most modern processes, the best materials and the best workforce. To integrate all the latest technologies and never compromise.

Cost control
To offer the best products and unparalleled service at the best possible price. To continually review and integrate new technologies, new materials and modern manufacturing processes in order to lower costs for the benefit of our customers.

A safe and enjoyable workplace
To ensure employee involvement in maintaining a healthy, safe, secure and motivating workplace. To offer our employees access to the best tools and the latest equipment. To provide access to employee help and training programs as well as advancement opportunities.

Community involvement
To respect laws and regulations. To incorporate environmental protection and sustainable development in all our practices. To promote the company’s involvement in community activities, and to encourage our employees to do the same.